How did I know about Virtual Career Academy

It was April of 2017 when I attended the Financial Literacy Summit;  a two-day seminar which showcased the opportunities we have here in the Philippines.

March 31, I already traveled from Tarlac (the province where I reside) to Mandaluyong (where I stayed) to make sure I wouldn’t be late for it.  The following day,  April 1, I woke up at 7:30 am and prepared myself for the event.  I was with my friend which is also my former colleague in a BPO company. He was the one who told me about it not knowing that I have already signed-up for it before I resigned from my job in January, such a coincidence. He got there first and reserved a seat for me. There were a lot of speakers from different big companies who shared their experiences and the value of maximizing our resources. It was really great and inspiring to see successful people talk about their struggles and successes in life. 

Creatively Keen Kai

Financial Literacy Summit 2017

Creatively Keen Kai

This is my friend and my former colleague, Armand.

On the second day, April 2, I came in late because I also had to attend our worship service in the church. I arrived at 11 am, sat and listened for a while before we went out for lunch. When we got back, we entered into a room about Franchising, which I am also interested in. But, I guess that was just not for me that time because I had no enough money for the capital to start it. Not to mention that my family and I just lost all of our savings because we invested in a business which was later on, discovered as a scam. We stayed there for a while then decided to see the other room about Virtual Careers. During that time, online opportunities were not new to me because I was already working as a full-time-home-based ESL teacher. A couple of lecturers imparted their online adventures before Mr. Nolan  ( a former student of Mr. Jomar Hilario and a former OFW ) came on to the stage and told us a story about how Virtual Careers changed his life. He even told us about some tools like IFTTT, Canva, Toggl, LastPass and so on and so forth that could help us start our online venture.  I got hooked until one of them lightened up the room more through his bubbly personality which was Sir Jomar Hilario, The Philippines’ Virtual Assistant Guru. I got a lot interested and I decided to purchase his workshop before the day ended.

Creatively Keen Kai

Sir Jomar Hilario and I

“How to start your Virtual Careers” was the workshop I purchased along with a workbook and a book. Sir Jomar welcomed me together with his colleagues with a clap and a hug! He also asked me why I chose to enroll and told him about our situation and how I really wanted to get out from it. He took a picture with me using his phone and likewise. I remember he also gave me free tickets to Instagram Marketing class and that’s where it all began.

I just can’t express how much thankful I am for crossing the path of Virtual Careers despite all the odds. Without this, I would not be able to see how powerful and kind the online world is.