“How to start your Virtual Careers” was Sir Jomar Hilario’s workshop I first attended on May 20, 2017. Before that day, we were told to finish the workbook by making a list of the reasons why we wanted to change our lives. And these are our 100 deepest whys that would serve as a motivation for us to keep going. He also made us choose what are the top three reasons from it.

Creatively Keen Kai

One of the pages of the workbook

The workbook helped us determine the job we wanted to have by taking a DISC personality test which was explained during the session. The right photo was taken In May, then I took the test again in October and it gave me the same results.

Creatively Keen Kai

May test

Creatively Keen Kai


DISC test

Click here to know more about my DISC result

Once again, I traveled one day in advance before the event to make sure I wouldn’t be late. I was feeling kind of lost when it started because I slept late the night before; I was so sleepy. The workshop lasted for twelve hours from 9 am to 9 pm. But as the lecture went on, I slowly became energetic because of the secrets Sir Jomar was teaching us. It was followed by the speech of the guest speakers who were his students and now are successful VAs. Mr. Nolan was there again to share his inspiring story in the first half of the training and Ms. Juliet (a good person who pushes me to learn more) in the second half. Before we went out for lunch, Sir Jomar explained which was our line of work based on the DISC test. I felt excited when he expounded it because it showed us the possible niche we have to focus on. I guess it was a relief knowing that I wouldn’t have to force myself into something I was really not interested in. He also gave us tools for each career elaborated that would help us be more effective in performing tasks.

Creatively Keen Kai

First Workshop

After our lunch, we did a lot of activities that really boosted my confidence to push through. He assisted us (including his team) to come up with a domain name that would represent and describe us as an individual and as a virtual assistant. He instructed us to choose ten applications and make tutorials for each of them which made me stick to the program because I extremely wanted to be a part of his team. The benefit of finishing the tutorials was to familiarize ourselves with the tools and indeed, was a big help. We completed the workbook altogether and I definitely acquired lots of techniques to back us up along the venture. It was so refreshing. Questions were answered in a very vivid manner, encouragement was present on the four corners of the room. 

Attending his seminar proved me that things are doable, you just have to commit your self to it. The support system is also there. Whenever I have inquiries, I always message his team and they respond to me accordingly. His former students, who are now victorious in their own career paths are approachable and humble, too. Because of this, I was able to be creatively knowledgeable and keen about the virtual world. I learned how to use different tools and its integration. I knew how to use Facebook ads, maximize its capabilities through Pixels, increase subscribers using Drip and most importantly, create a website and a landing page, using Thrive Themes.

These are just some of the skills I acquired through him. This is really a life-changing moment for me because it made me realize that we can stand out in a noisy environment of the online society. Enrolling in his online courses is an extreme time-saver. I suggest you try it too!