Attending the workshop really had a great effect on me. It made me push myself, even more, to do the course and the assignments too, though it wasn’t easy. Making the tutorials was a big challenge because I had to patiently finish ten of them with a minimum of 100 slides each. Sleepless nights were always present during those times because I continued completing the homework after my job in teaching kids online which was around 12 midnight. It needed time and sacrifice.

When I was done with it, I had it checked with one of Sir Jomar’s virtual assistants. She commended me for keeping up with the process and gave me some tips on how to improve it. It made me feel happy knowing that they got their students back by guiding them and providing them reminders. I immediately edited the pages which required attention and reviewed it over again. After days and hours of polishing it, finally, I got it all set. The next step was to build a WordPress site which I was not very familiar back then. 

Unfamiliar stuff is sometimes what gives us chill right? But, with the help of Internet once more, I was able to dig up and understand the behavior of WordPress. Each time I watched videos about it, I instantly applied it on my website. Every trial was an achievement for me especially when I was able to see it happen on my own site. I tried several plug-ins like Unyson and Beaver Builder which were also great because of the features they offer and they are free.

Building a website from scratch was a new yet a very fulfilling experience. Grasping the technical things and materializing them motivate me to discover more tools for enhancement. I really appreciate doing these things because I am able to sharpen my skills along the way. Learning has a lot of enjoyment which helped me decide to take another class (VA 202) about Facebook Ads to bring traffic to my website through the social media platform. Another way to maximize Facebook!