Capturing someone’s attention has been a challenge for everybody. Let’s just imagine your ultimate crush walking past you without even noticing you. Yeah, that’s awful, right?! You even ask yourself if there’s something wrong with you. Like “Am I not that attractive or something?” Likewise, with

your product. People are within your grasp except that, they are not really within your grasp. Ironic right? Like what the song “My song” says, “You’re so near, yet so far” (that hurts a bit). In relation to this topic, people are there but they don’t come to you. Well, the good news is there are ways to sort it out. If you were once frustrated with the way you advertise your product, I say, cheer up! Thanks to social media, which gives us more smart ways to expand our business with lesser cost and stress.

What I would like to share in particular is the FB Boost Post. Lots of entrepreneurs use this which means it is very effective and reliable. You can start off using a little amount of money to see its reach and result in a day. I’ve been using this to boost the posts of my sister’s online shop which gave us thousands of reach within a week (brings us to a realization that there is more to entertainment and rants on Facebook huh?) 😀 Kidding aside, this brought us 3,720 followers in a non-continuous manner of activating its boost. I started to boost her posts twice in April and twice in June. Why? Because my sister is often too busy doing something else which leaves her no time to deliver products to customers that’s why she chooses to freeze it whenever she wants. I just help her with the boost.

Notice what it says at the bottom part “11 post reach this week”. The boost is not active the moment I’m writing about this. Which means there is a slim chance of increasing your reach quickly if it is inactive.
Let’s compare it once more
This report is part of the page under Insights. It allows you to check and compare which posts have the greatest number of reach and otherwise. As what we can see, the figures above are far different from the one at the bottom part. That was one of the boosted posts which helped me convert viewers to followers and buyers. It gave me tons of private messages and comments to respond to. You can also boost or promote your page here, not only the posts but the page itself which enables you to gain more likes and followers with no sweat. However, learning your set of target audience is a must to get more favorable results.
About the cost, I usually spend 1,000 pesos (19.72 US Dollar) for ten days and 1,500 pesos (29.59 US Dollar) for 15 days. I have to set it at a minimal time because as mentioned above, my sister is the one who decides when to freeze it and to keep it running which Facebook permits. We are to choose how many days, how much budget we spend on a particular post which is an advantage for us.
Great way to catch attention, right? So, what now? Are we going to boost our selfies so we can say hi to the person we admire so much? 😀 Just kidding!