Doing the simplest thing could sometimes be the hardest and most exhausting; makes us feel like we are not that productive the first time we do things. We usually feel this

when things don’t work the way we wanted to. However, we could be wrong. If we look back, we can be fueled to do more by the frustrations that can turn out as lessons learned


Making a mistake is normal, but repeating it is crucial and there are certain reasons why people make mistakes. We may also have to ask ourselves that perhaps the reason we keep ourselves from winning is the lack of knowledge. Whenever we level ourselves up by getting achievements gradually, do we make sure we bring the fundamental skills with us which are the reasons we are winning in the first place? Like what the saying says:

Creatively Keen Kai
Skills and Attitude, they go together right? Giving an extreme value to the core knowledge and skills is part of a good attitude. It can prevent us from being overwhelmed by the complexity of the process as we move forward. Now, what do we need to maintain them?… Knowledge. How do we acquire it?… Through learning. They sound too plain, like “a cliche” possibly, but maybe the reason why things are slipping away is that we neglect to see that they (the cliches we usually ignore)are the main foundation of the abilities we build within us. Take mastering the guitar as an example, we are expected to study the family chords first which are A, Bb, B, C, Db, D, Eb, E, F, F#, G and Ab than the scales, which are more complicated. You cannot just take charge in playing the lead guitar without knowing these patterns (family chords). Even if you become a pro in playing the guitar, you still don’t forget the family chords because it is the foundation; part of the package. This applies to other things too, and learning? We’ve been doing this since we were kids. Why stop when we need it the most?

Creatively Keen Kai

Creatively Keen Kai
Does the above sentence come into your mind sometimes? If yes, don’t entertain it because we already know the answer. There’s no need to look it through, instead focus on planning how to move forward and maintain the fruits of our labor so once we are caught-off-guard when unexpected circumstances cross our path, it would not be difficult to get out of the situation because we have the capacity of pulling it together. We just need to make sure we apply the learned things so we can materialize them.
Possessing enough wisdom is not only for the goal of attaining wealth or to not make mistakes at all (because mistakes are normal) but also for the purpose of handling tough situations that would come our way with grace. This just always reminds me of the people who handle troubles with poise. I just find them “gorgeous”. 🙂