The first activity I did under VA 202 was to connect a Facebook ads to a landing page. Creating a landing page to gain subscribers was what I had been hearing from many.  It intrigued me a lot because they used to say that CTAs (call-to-action) are usually what we see there. Aside from that, this is where you can really convert visitors to subscribers by getting their e-mail addresses and this is what I had been wanting to learn. 

Driving traffic on Facebook was not purely new to me because I am also ad admin of my sister’s online shop and what I use there is the FB Boost, which, also has a great effect on advertising. The results of my previous boosted posts were stunning too. But during that time, maintaining and understanding the outcome further was not kind of my thing yet. That was the reason why I was excited to start it.

Being a student of Virtual Careers Academy also gave me the opportunity to become one of its admins which allowed me to advertise the school. And because of that, I was able to get a hang of the ads. We were told to, of course, create a Facebook poster ad to begin with. I made one using the magnificent Canva. However, images with texts on them may not reach its full audience so, I decided to just make it as the background of the landing page.

I connected my Ads to the landing page through Business Facebook Manager. This tool is quite complicated to use but with the help of the lessons, I was able to smoothly cope with it.

Ad accounts


In making ads through Business Manager, an ad account and a page are necessary to be able to run it.

Amount spent

All the costs will be posted accordingly depending on what objective your ad has.


You will also be able to see how much progress each page is producing.  But if you want to see how much EACH AD is bringing, Power Editor will show it to you. Like what is presented below:

Please take note that the above campaigns just started on October 18, 2017 and I am writing about this today ( Oct 19, 2017). This just shows how powerful Facebook ads are.

Going back to the landing page campaign I created, this is how it looks like:

As soon as a viewers click on it, they would be routed to the landing page I created through Thrives.