Podcasting! Podcasting! Podcasting! A very fun way to consume information while being able to do other things around you. How much do you love listening to it? And have you heard that it is the next big thing in content distribution? Well, let’s find out!

​First off, let us know ​how “podcast” is defined by Wikipedia.  ​A  podcast, or generically netcast, is an episodic series of digital audio or video files which a user can download and listen to. It is often available for subscription, so that new episodes are automatically downloaded via web syndication to the user’s own local computer, mobile application, or portable media player.

In additon to that, ​a podcast is also an audio file of speech, music , debate , discussion or news programme. Nowadays, a lot of people are being introduced to making a podcast or being a fan of podcasts which (as we all know) brings a lot of convenience to both the producers and listeners. ​Publishing a content comes in many different ways; it can be through blogs, videos, audios, books and so on. But the question is, why is it ​advantageous and how advantageous it could be if you will release your own podcast?

Podcast has a distinct quality which makes your audience really feel what you feel the very moment you are relaying your message to them. They can hear the intonation of your voice , they can feel the intensity and  emphasis of your points and your vibe during the recording itself. In other words, it is a way on how to better interact with them.

It can educate.
​​It can entertain.
​​It can inform.
​​It can inspire.
​It can garner laughs.
​It can gather tears without taking too much of your audience’s time to finish each of your content.

Edison Research, a famous market research firm has also conducted a study ​called “The Podcast Consumer 2018” which shows how many people in the US are aware of the term “Podcasting”. As what is shown in the graph below, 64% of the US population which is estimated to 180 Million human beings ​are familiar with “podcasting” but ​don’t really know what is it about. And they have been conducting this research since 2006 up to present.

The second graph shows the percentage of people who are regular consumers of podcast which is 44% (estimated 124 million human beings) in the current year.

​While the image below shows the monthly percentages of where people usually are when they listen to podcasts.

​This one shows how long the consumers spend their time in listening to podcast.

Now, what are the graphs for? Well, it is for us to see how people can maximize their time in consuming informational content whether they are at home, on their way to work, doing exercise, on their way to the supermarket or anything to that effect. Written content and videos are also a very effective and proven way in content distribution but audio content doesn’t seem to take too much time and too much attention because people can consume it whenever and wherever they w​ant and it offers you a smaller haystack.

​​​Gary Vaynerchuk, a very well-known​ author and a motivational speaker​ also believes that ​Podcasting is enormous​ because it is an underpriced platform for content distribution​.  Like what he said, entrepreneurs must know and use a way on how to get underpriced attention. It would work best if ​you are to focus on the collective attention of the audience then riding it with the chosen platform.

How about you? What is your chosen platform? And do you think you are ready to have your own podcast show? Let me hear about your thoughts!