Gary Vaynerchuk, a very well-known​ author and a motivational speaker​ ​ believes that ​Podcasting is enormous​ because it is an underpriced platform for content distribution​.  Like what he said, entrepreneurs must know and use a way on how to get underpriced attention. It would work best if ​you are to focus on the collective attention of the audience then riding it with the chosen platform. So why is it considered as an underpriced one? Because you can simply start your own podcast just by using a smartphone which has a voice memo app! Yes! You can! It will even be greater if the content you’ll distribute through it can EDUCATE, ENTERTAIN and INSPIRE. And if you’d like to take your episodes into a whole new level, here are some of the things which can help you achieve your goal:

​1.  Microphone– You can start recording your first podcast episode by just using a smartphone which should have a voice memo app or you can check on the ​”The Best Podcasting Microphones” to start it with.

2. Headphones– Headphones are essential in podcast recording to prevent some feedback coming out of your speaker into the mic. If you still don’t have enough budget to buy expensive ones, you can start with any headphones available then you can just upgrade later on. Here’s the list of the Best Podcast Headphones.

3. Quiet space– ​ For your episodes to sound clear, you should need a quiet space from where you are recording it. Make sure to shut your door, let the people around you know that you will be recording. Check your chair of it squeaks so it won’t cause unnecessary pesky sound. Turn off any appliances that can cause noise such as fans, AC etc.

4. Digital Audio ​Software– This is the ​software you will be using to record your audiofile. If you are using MAC, Garageband is a free software you can use​ and if you use Windows, you can download Audacity.  These two are also what you can use to edit it. If there are pesky sounds existing such as “uhms”, “aahhs”, dead air and the like, you can take it off using the same software.

5. Levelator– Is a software that adjusts the audio levels within your podcast or other audio file for variations from one speaker to the next. In other words, it is used ​for volume matching for even sounding playback.

​6. Podcast Hosting– This is where you will be distributing your podcast episodes, track and promote them. If  you have a WordPress site, you can download a podcast hosting plug-in. There are several of them from where. Or you can ​​choose one from “The Best Podcast Hosting”.

​7. ​Media Player– This is where your podcast episodes will be availble for your audience to listen to. You can use Itunes, GooglePlay or even Stitcher Radio.

You might be spending a bit on the microphone and headset for once (if you really want to make this as a career and unless you want to upgrade). Others mentioned above like the software for editing are free while hosting has to be paid but there are a lot of it which offers cheap and reliable service. So, what are you waiting for? Let’s put your thoughts and ideas into an audio file and let the people hear your voice!