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S2E22 – Following Up On Your Potential Podcast Sponsors

Show Summary: “You have to send follow-up emails for them to feel that you are genuinely interested in partnering with them because they can help your listeners. The money is in the follow-up.”

If your goal is to monetize your podcast, one of the ways is to find sponsors aligned with your theme and values. A good partnership with brands, especially with products that the host genuinely enjoys, creates more authentic ads that the audience can recognize and support. 

So now that you’ve reached out to your target brands, the question is, what do you need to do next? 🤔

The answer is follow-up emails. 📧

You have to be assertive and consistent when it comes to reaching out or, in other words, ‘pursuing’ these brands. Most of the time, they won’t respond to your initial email due to many factors. Remember, these are in-demand brands, so you are not the only one trying to gain their attention. 

Create a short and sweet follow-up message, and connect it to your first outreach email, this will bump it up in their inbox, and the receiver will have all the details they need in one thread. You can do a maximum of three follow-up emails to give them a feeling that you are interested but are about to move on. Sometimes this can intrigue the team’s brand in finding out what you can offer. 

Consistency is the key! 🗝️

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Exceptional Highlights:

Kai 1:25

  • It’s essential to know the brand personality of the podcasts that you’re handling, or else you might reach out to the brands who are most likely to decline your offer.

Kai 1:45

  • The best and unique selling proposition in your outreach that is more attractive than anything else is human connection and common ground.

Kai 5:08

  • Our follow-up emails are simple. We don’t want to complicate them or put a lot of information on our messages because we don’t want to overwhelm them. 

Kai 6:11

  • If you have already exhausted all your follow-up emails with no response, it’s time to move on to another sponsor. And I assure you, you will find the right sponsor for you

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The Podcash Show – Episode 13

S2E21 – The Best Listener Experience with PodKite

Show Summary: “Podkite makes your life easier and the listeners’ experience more convenient and smooth. And that’s what we want for them. We want to give them the best experience that we can.

If you are an avid listener of podcasts, isn’t it better when you can find all the links to your favorite episodes in one place? As podcasters, this is what we want for our audience: to access your show in just a couple of clicks without going back and forth to different platforms—the ultimate and convenient listening experience. 🔥

In a nutshell, that is the satisfaction that Podkite can provide, and more than that, it is also a tool that provides podcasters and producers with the data and insights they need to build and grow their podcasts. It offers a variety of other elements, such as ‘kitelinks’ that creates shorter and easier to remember unique links that can also be used in marketing channels. The fun part? You can customize message and color themes on your main page! 

Awesome, right? 🤩

You can try out Podkite for free to get to know the program, and you can subscribe to take advantage of all its remarkable features. I am telling you, it is worth it! 💯

Don’t forget to share this episode with your fellow podcasters and friends who are thinking twice about starting a podcast, and let them know how easy it is when you have the right podcasting tools. 

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Exceptional Highlights:

Kai 1:00

  • I first learned about Podkite during a workshop I attended with Steve Olsher, when one of the workshop attendees asked for an excellent platform to monitor statistics and rankings. 

Kai 2:27

  • What I love the most about Podkite is it can show you all the reviews from different platforms. For example, if you are available on Spotify, Itunes, and Podchaser, they will collate it into one platform. Plus, it shows your ranking locally and internationally in different categories.

Kai 6:16

  • Remember, we’re targeting brand recall and giving resources. And we want to make sure that the resources we are providing are easy to understand. That’s also why we also create show notes, and we put the link below plus the links to the resources.

Kai 7:07

  • You can also create different links not just for the podcast but for each episode. For example, if you want to highlight episode two of your podcast, you can create a unique link only for that episode. So it can gain more traction. 

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S2E20 – Your Podcast Hosting Platform

Show Summary: “I love using Captivate FM because it’s user-friendly, and it has lots of features that you can take advantage of in building your podcasts.”

Producing a podcast can be a demanding job, let alone editing and uploading online, which adds effort to your responsibility as a podcaster. It can be tricky, especially if you are new in this industry, so choosing an efficient podcast platform that helps you efficiently facilitate your tasks is essential. 

Let us discuss, which is a personal favorite. It is a podcast hosting platform known for its straightforward and user-friendly layout that most first-time podcasters appreciate. It is affordable for its price with all the features that can help you grow your podcast with the option to monetize, and you can even add another podcast at no additional cost. 

It is very convenient and flexible with various tools that can help you build your show, such as free lessons, marketing links, built-in call to action, detailed analytics that will help you keep track of your show’s performance, and a lot more!

If you’re new to podcasting or you want to try out a new platform, listen to this episode and find out more about how Captivate FM is a fantastic option. 

Don’t forget to share this with your family and friends who you think will want to try it out!

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Exceptional Highlights:

Kai 1:03

  • When you subscribe to, you can also add multiple shows. If you have more than one show, you can use the same account you’re using for your podcasts.

Kai 2:23

  • With the analytics, it’s effortless to analyze your numbers, downloads, listeners and reach unique listeners. Through these platforms, the demographics of your audience are also here. 

Kai 2:40

  • They have marketing links and call-to-action that you can take advantage of when it comes to promotion. You can add your primary call to action in this feature, so you don’t have to put it in every now and then. 

Kai 4:29

  • has growth labs. These are free lessons that will help you increase your listenership and gain sponsors, and it’s one more thing you can take advantage of with this tool. 

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S2E19 – Make Your Podcast Life Easier With Otter App

Show Summary: “Otter.Ai makes it easier to create show notes and choose which part of your podcast episode to highlight for social media promotion because you can see it written on one page.”

Starting a podcast and don’t know what you need? Or maybe you already have started, but you’re getting lost because you have no idea how to manage and organize all your notes, thoughts, and ideas? 

There will always be inspirations and messages that you can gather when you are on the go, and most of the time, the most accessible thing you can reach is your phone. Especially If you are a busy person and always on a fast phase, you need an accessible tool to help you record what’s on your mind. And that is the Otter.Ai app. 

Otter.Ai is a paid app that is definitely worth paying for. It is a transcription tool that will help you save time in storing your ideas and thoughts and helps you transcribe them. It makes it easier to repurpose your content that you can turn into show notes and social media write-ups. When you’re a podcaster, convenience is a must, which this app can give you. 

So, worry no further and listen to this episode and find out one of the best tools in making your podcast life easier.

Don’t forget to share this with your family and friends and let them know how effective this tool is for studies, work, and podcasting. 

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Exceptional Highlights:

Kai 0:37

  • Otter.Ai makes you remember the thoughts that you want to share in your episode. When you’re too busy doing other things, and a considerable thought pops out of your mind, we use an app for it.

Kai 2:08

  • You press one button, and you’re good to go. Your thoughts will be stored and transcribed. 

Kai 3:30

  • You can listen to your messages before recording an episode. This way, you won’t forget that critical part you want to share with your audience.

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S2E18 – The Importance of Sharing Your Voice

Show Summary: “If you put yourself out there, you will find your purpose in serving the right target market aligned with your goals and core values.”

We all have distinct stories in our life journeys. No matter what expertise or field of work we belong to, each has unique methods of accomplishing specific projects. At the same time, we all have different challenges and needs in our daily tasks. In this sense, we are all essential, and we all have a voice that can benefit other people. 

In this episode, I want you to let go of your doubts and hesitations and jump out of your safe zone. Listen as I share my experiences and thoughts on how I brought myself out there in the podcasting world.

Know that there are people who share the same goals and values as you, and they need you, and the only way for them to know you is when you take a chance to explore and connect. You have that purpose of being a source of knowledge and realize how fulfilling it is to be a part of something big.

Join me and let your stories, messages, and experiences contribute to someone else’s life. Share this episode with your family and friends who have the same potential as you!

Exceptional Highlights:

  • If you’re overthinking whether you’re going to start creating content and educating people about what to do, then, this is the best time for you to do that. 
  • Whether it’s the same industry, not all people would go for that big player because we have different personalities and behaviors. The ones that will resonate with your story and values are the people who will stick with you.
  • You have to put yourself out there because you have to know these people, and you have to know their struggles. And you can be the solution to their problems.

Show Highlights:

Putting yourself out there contributes to your growth

Kai 2:11

  • By sharing your knowledge, you do brain dumping. You record what you currently know, and you can listen and go back to it anytime. By doing this, you give yourself room to learn more.

Kai 2:45

  • You wouldn’t know if someone needs your help unless you ask or make them aware of what you can do.

Connecting to people with the same frequency

Kai 3:05

  • People will think that they have to do everything by themselves until they find the right person to help them with their struggles, pain, and the thing that slows them down.

Kai 3:58

  • When they’re with the wrong group of people, and they find that someone exists who is more aligned with their values, which is YOU, they would go for you.

The four pillars of success

Kai 4:20

  • The four pillars of success that we rely on are making decisions, taking action, analyzing results, and adjusting. 

Kai 4:21

  • You cannot go on to the last step, which is to adjust if you don’t have any results. You have to identify if what you are analyzing is either your results or your thoughts. The imagination that creates fear inside you prevents you from taking action.

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S2E17 – Creating Your Podcast Teaser Episode

Show Summary: “The teaser episode is an exciting and creative way of sharing a preview of your pre-recorded episodes, and it creates more excitement because it highlights the most substantial parts of your show.”

If you just started your podcast and are thinking of other ways to launch your show, a good episode that you can always record and release is the teaser episode. Besides the pilot, you can use it to help set the tone of your show, at the same time it is a creative way to create excitement and anticipation of what’s in store for your audience. 

Join me on this episode as I discuss the importance of having a teaser episode for your podcast. Learn the 5 important things you need to produce an efficient and fun teaser that hooks your audience to watch out for your show. 

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Exceptional Highlights:

  • A teaser is a mash-up of your episodes, and it is like a movie trailer that creates excitement, anticipation, and curiosity. 
  • You can repurpose it across your social media platforms to invite and create awareness of your upcoming podcast launching. 
  • You have to collate parts that create ‘aha’ moments or fun facts that you know people have no clue about until they hear your episode. 

Show Highlights:

Collating interesting and substantial clips

Kai 4:36

  • If your main goal is to provide education, you should give them upfront knowledge.
  • If you want to show your outgoing personality, you should incorporate parts where you are joking around or having a fun conversation with your guests. 

The importance of background music

Kai 5:23

  • Your background music sets the mood of your brand personality. 

Prepare your script and outline

Kai 7:09

  • Some people are comfortable using a script to read as they add feelings to it. And for the outline, some people work well with free talking together with talking points they have to mention during their recording. 
  • Don’t forget to add your primary call to action because it tells your listeners what to do next after listening to the episode.

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Teaser episode sample

S2E16 – The First Episode You Should Do – Your Pilot Episode

Show Summary: “Creating a pilot episode helps you set proper expectations with your listeners.” 

Ready to dive into podcasting but don’t know what your first episode will be?

Then create your pilot episode! Pilot episodes help you set expectations with your listeners, and this is where you can warm them up and make them understand why they should listen to your show. 

It will also help you set your podcast’s tone and save their time by telling them right off the bat if this is the right show for them or not. Through this, you can properly communicate what’s in it for them even before absorbing the upcoming episodes. 

And in this episode, I share some guide questions that can help you create your pilot episode! When you’re done creating it, I encourage you to share it with me by simply tagging me on my social media pages (Facebook, Linkedin & Instagram) or emailing me at

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Exceptional Highlights:

  • You have to share your story & your why. Stories are compelling, it creates a common ground and makes you relevant.
  • You have to introduce podcasting to them, especially for those audiences that are not familiar with podcasting. Make them understand that podcasting is a great platform where they can learn a lot or get educated and entertained while multitasking.
  • Sharing your purpose creates an instant connection with your listeners.

Show Highlights:

Your guide questions:

  • Who is the host?
  • Why create a podcast?
  • What is the purpose of the podcast?
  • Who is this for?
  • When do you publish new episodes
  • What is the length or average length of your episodes (Sorry, I forgot to mention this)
  • This will help them prepare themselves as to how long they’re going to listen to you.
  • What kind of education does it have?
  • What kind of guests will it have?
  • What is the promise of the podcast show?

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S2E15 – Ready To Do A Podcast? Here’s Where You Should Start

Show Summary: “Knowing your target market determines what solution to provide to your dream clients, and it serves as your compass in crafting your message, goals & irresistible offer.” 

There are tons of content ideas you can generate if you give time to identify your target market’s behavior. You can break them down thoroughly and create different episodes with simplified explanations and actionable steps your listeners can follow after listening to your podcast.

And in this episode, I share with you the four essential steps you should look into before you start recording episodes. These steps are what I consider the pillars of a very substantial podcast that will bring your success over time. I also discuss how I break down a health & wellness topic based on a target market’s behavior. 

Join me as I walk you through the steps, and have your pen and paper ready so you can do these too while listening to this episode! It’s about time to spread your word of healing and health by creating a podcast, so you better start now!

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Exceptional Highlights:

  • Different people have different personalities, needs, and wants. And that’s what you have to understand.
  • Don’t assume that what’s in your mind is best for your audience. You always have to base it on data, and data can be found through research. 
  • Facebook groups and forums like Reddit are some of the good places where you can do social media listening.

Show Highlights:

Example in breaking down your content

Kai 2:14

  • If moms are your target market, you have to identify their behavior (psychographics and demographics) and problems. There are different types of moms, and moms do different things. Some moms are businesswomen, some work full time, from nine to five, and stay-at-home moms.
  • Some moms have problems or challenges in preparing meals. For example, the 9 to 5 mom has the resources to buy the ingredients she needs but doesn’t have the time to prepare them because she works from nine to five, and sometimes she does OTS or overtime. 
  • Next, stay-at-home moms have time to prepare, but they don’t have the resources because they think the ingredients at home are not enough. 
  • So those are two different problems that you can solve.

What is your podcast goal?

Kai 7:20

  • It’s two things. What’s your goal for yourself and your business? And what’s your goal for your listeners?
  • If it’s for your business, is it for leads? Is it for sales? Are you going to use it for retention? Are you going to do podcasting to raise more awareness about your services & products?
  • For your listeners, is your goal to provide education only for them? Or do you also want them to be an expert in this industry? 

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S2E14 – Holistic Integrative Business Owners & Experts – Should You Do a Podcast?

Show Summary: “Podcasting helps you get your dream clients through the buyer’s journey.” 

We need holistic, integrative medicine in our lives, and we need to learn more about it to improve our way of living and our families’. We need self-care for good mental, physical, emotional, and spiritual health. That’s why I decided to help business owners and experts in the holistic and integrative industry spread their word so many people can educate themselves and live their best lives.

And in this episode, I share with you how The Gutsy Health podcast, one of the podcasts we manage at Pod Kai Media, inspired me to focus on serving their industry. I also discuss how podcasting can help them build online authority & relationships with their dream clients or customers and why this is a great platform they can maximize for business growth and expansion.

So if you are a holistic & integrative business owner looking for more leads and sales, then this episode is for YOU! Listen until the end and be ready to start your podcast for your company’s improvement and development!

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Exceptional Highlights:

  • Content is King, Engagement is Queen and Podcasting supports your King and Queen.
  • Podcasting makes the heart listen.
  • Podcasting gives your audience an alternative way to absorb content & learn while multitasking.

Show Highlights:

Why do we want to help more businesses and experts in the Holistic & Integrative Industry

Kai 1:30

  • I believe in what they do. I believe in self-healing, self-care, and addressing the root cause of the problems we experience in our bodies.
  • I want to maximize podcasting as a platform to help spread their word, not only my client’s word but also those trusted experts and businesses from this industry, to help save more lives by addressing the root cause and not just the symptoms.

What is the buyers’ journey?

Kai 4:26

  • The buyers’ journey is basically the stages your dream clients would go through before choosing you as their consultant, as their specialists, or before choosing your products against the competition.

How does podcasting help get your customers from the awareness stage to the consideration stage, up to the decision stage?

Kai 7:39

  • Podcasting is an intimate platform, and it’s like having a one-on-one conversation with your target audience or dream clients. This is where you can make them feel your emotions and intentions by purely listening.

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S2E13 – 4 Simple Pre-outreach Hints To Know If It’s The Right Sponsor For You

Show Summary: “Podcast Sponsorship is not just about monetization but it is providing the tools or products your customers need to achieve their goal.” 

Now that you’re sure about starting your podcast monetization campaign through sponsorship, you also want to make sure that you’re reaching out to the right people or brands you want to partner with. Closing deals or acquiring sponsors doesn’t only depend on how great your offer is or how attractive your podcast media kit is. Still, it will also depend on what kind of audience you serve, the industry you both belong to, & how much their goals and values resonate with you.

And in this episode, I discuss the mentioned simple pre outreach hints so you can identify if these are the brands or people you add to your list or not. This will help you save time and maximize the sent emails without getting so frustrated because no one responds.

Please share this with your family and friends who need to start their podcast sponsorship campaign! 🙂

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Exceptional Highlights:

  • To give your sponsors quality results & a good conversion rate, the type of people they serve should match your listeners’ behavior, or it won’t take effect. 
  • One of our primary goals is to retain our sponsors and build a long-term business relationship with them.
  • You can ask the brand owner to send you product samples to see for yourself how well their products are working. This way, you can highly speak about them if you like the results.

Show Highlights:

Both of you should serve the same market

Kai 2:55

  • To give optimum results, we have to make sure that whatever ads you put or run through your podcast should impact your audience. So they can buy through whatever link you’re going to lead them to & purchase the discount codes that your sponsors would give your audience.

Make it easy for you to position your sponsor’s product in your podcast

Kai 5:55

  • If you serve the same market, you most likely belong in the same industry. And again, it will be much easier for you to position that brand through your podcast. It will not sound like it’s unnatural. And that’s also what you want your audience to feel that you’re naturally helping a product be promoted. And at the same time, you are giving qualified and quality resources to your audience. 

What is a host-read ad?

Kai 8:52

  • A host-read ad is an ad where the host will be the one to read the script or who will create the reviews and serve as an ad through the podcast.

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