S1E15 - Ready To Do A Podcast? Here's Where You Should Start

S2E15 – Ready To Do A Podcast? Here’s Where You Should Start

Show Summary: “Knowing your target market determines what solution to provide to your dream clients, and it serves as your compass in crafting your message, goals & irresistible offer.” 

There are tons of content ideas you can generate if you give time to identify your target market’s behavior. You can break them down thoroughly and create different episodes with simplified explanations and actionable steps your listeners can follow after listening to your podcast.

And in this episode, I share with you the four essential steps you should look into before you start recording episodes. These steps are what I consider the pillars of a very substantial podcast that will bring your success over time. I also discuss how I break down a health & wellness topic based on a target market’s behavior. 

Join me as I walk you through the steps, and have your pen and paper ready so you can do these too while listening to this episode! It’s about time to spread your word of healing and health by creating a podcast, so you better start now!

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Exceptional Highlights:

  • Different people have different personalities, needs, and wants. And that’s what you have to understand.
  • Don’t assume that what’s in your mind is best for your audience. You always have to base it on data, and data can be found through research. 
  • Facebook groups and forums like Reddit are some of the good places where you can do social media listening.

Show Highlights:

Example in breaking down your content

Kai 2:14

  • If moms are your target market, you have to identify their behavior (psychographics and demographics) and problems. There are different types of moms, and moms do different things. Some moms are businesswomen, some work full time, from nine to five, and stay-at-home moms.
  • Some moms have problems or challenges in preparing meals. For example, the 9 to 5 mom has the resources to buy the ingredients she needs but doesn’t have the time to prepare them because she works from nine to five, and sometimes she does OTS or overtime. 
  • Next, stay-at-home moms have time to prepare, but they don’t have the resources because they think the ingredients at home are not enough. 
  • So those are two different problems that you can solve.

What is your podcast goal?

Kai 7:20

  • It’s two things. What’s your goal for yourself and your business? And what’s your goal for your listeners?
  • If it’s for your business, is it for leads? Is it for sales? Are you going to use it for retention? Are you going to do podcasting to raise more awareness about your services & products?
  • For your listeners, is your goal to provide education only for them? Or do you also want them to be an expert in this industry? 

Need help in strategizing & monetizing your podcast? Send us an email at kai@podkai.com

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