S2E30 - Guest Interviews That Fit Your Audience

S2E30 – Guest Interviews That Fit Your Audience

Show Summary: Networking expands connections with industry leaders and tap new audiences for your podcast. But if having guests on your show has caused you to lose loyal listeners, you may have skipped the process of filtering them.

For seasoned podcasters, guest interviews are a great way to expand growth and tap into new audiences. Yet, as you may have charged to experience, not all guests are right and welcome to your existing followers.

Having championed a certain niche, your podcast has attracted and established your listenership for a particular reason. It resonates with who they are and their needs. Thus, before inviting guests, consider first the compatibility of their message with your audience.

Episode 30 is the third of our mini series on how to make listeners stick with you from beginning to end. Aside from knowing the probable reason behind losing followers, discover my four (4) proven steps on filtering future collaborations so you can stop your listeners from tuning out.

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Exceptional Highlights:

  • Before recording, save time by employing prequalifying strategies to ensure the right fit of guests with your audience.
  • Your guests must solve your listeners’ needs. If their message does not educate, inspire, or entertain,  this could be the reason for losing your listeners. 

Show Highlights:

Kai 02:30

  • Create a pre-selected wish list of guests for your show. There’s a higher probability that you already know like-minded experts who can contribute their unique insights in your industry.

Kai 03:25

  • Identify potential guest collaborations with a prequalification form that consolidates and gives you a preview if you are aligned in just one sheet.

Kai 04:09

  • Confirm compatibility by scheduling a 15 minute call. Talking one-on-one makes you know each other deeper rather than just filling out a form.

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