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S1E4 – Podcasting Pitfall

Crafting your customer avatar for business is also essential in Podcasting because Podcasting is a part of your funnel where you create awareness and start to attract the listeners or followers. Doing in-depth research about their pain points, interests, and behavior will give you a comprehensive understanding of content ideas to talk about in your episodes.

Why is it a PITFALL?

  • You end up ASSUMING that the podcast topics you have suit them well when, in fact, THEY DON’T
  • FAILURE to invite the appropriate GUESTS in your show, making it much more complicated to address the REAL PROBLEM of the listeners
  • If you can’t CLARIFY to POTENTIAL GUESTS what type of market you serve, GOALS, and PURPOSE, it causes CONFUSION. They won’t be able to CRAFT & SHARE the MESSAGE that will resonate with your audience.
  • People won’t IDENTIFY what your REAL PURPOSE is.
  • You won’t be their GO-TO person because your message is all over the place.

LISTEN TO THEM CAREFULLY. Know what your ideal customer wants and needs. It will break the exhausting chain and give you favorable results instead.

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My two-day no-technology experience

My two-day no-technology experience
Are there still people who can live with no technology? Isn’t fantastic to escape from it sometimes and feel the real joy nature can give us? Yeah! It is! With the hustle and bustle we experience every day, we deserve to have time for ourselves and calm our minds once in a while. Feel the gentle touch of the cold breeze on the beach, hear the soft whisper of the wind from the mountain and bathe on the clear water of the sea. It is just so relieving, right? It makes me reminisce about our very short vacation in one of the thousand islands of the Philippines.

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