S2E17 - Creating Your Podcast Teaser Episode

S2E17 – Creating Your Podcast Teaser Episode

Show Summary: “The teaser episode is an exciting and creative way of sharing a preview of your pre-recorded episodes, and it creates more excitement because it highlights the most substantial parts of your show.”

If you just started your podcast and are thinking of other ways to launch your show, a good episode that you can always record and release is the teaser episode. Besides the pilot, you can use it to help set the tone of your show, at the same time it is a creative way to create excitement and anticipation of what’s in store for your audience. 

Join me on this episode as I discuss the importance of having a teaser episode for your podcast. Learn the 5 important things you need to produce an efficient and fun teaser that hooks your audience to watch out for your show. 

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Exceptional Highlights:

  • A teaser is a mash-up of your episodes, and it is like a movie trailer that creates excitement, anticipation, and curiosity. 
  • You can repurpose it across your social media platforms to invite and create awareness of your upcoming podcast launching. 
  • You have to collate parts that create ‘aha’ moments or fun facts that you know people have no clue about until they hear your episode. 

Show Highlights:

Collating interesting and substantial clips

Kai 4:36

  • If your main goal is to provide education, you should give them upfront knowledge.
  • If you want to show your outgoing personality, you should incorporate parts where you are joking around or having a fun conversation with your guests. 

The importance of background music

Kai 5:23

  • Your background music sets the mood of your brand personality. 

Prepare your script and outline

Kai 7:09

  • Some people are comfortable using a script to read as they add feelings to it. And for the outline, some people work well with free talking together with talking points they have to mention during their recording. 
  • Don’t forget to add your primary call to action because it tells your listeners what to do next after listening to the episode.

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