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FB Boost Post

Capturing someone’s attention has been a challenge for everybody. Let’s just imagine your ultimate crush walking past you without even noticing you. Yeah, that’s awful, right?! You even ask yourself if there’s something wrong with you. Like “Am I not that attractive or something?” Likewise, with

FB Ads Training

Well, Facebook is not only for socializing. Yes, it is absolutely fun to use and I usually spend my time in checking on the latest news and somebody else’s status through it. I am able to get good ideas from people with bright minds, people have been connected with loved ones and friends using it.

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First Workshop

“How to start your Virtual Careers” was Sir Jomar Hilario’s workshop I first attended on May 20, 2017. Before that day, we were told to finish the workbook by making a list of the reasons why we wanted to change our lives. And these are our 100 deepest whys that would serve as a motivation for us to keep going. He also made us choose what are the top three reasons from it.

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