S2E29 - How Audio Quality Affects Listenership

S2E29 – How Audio Quality Affects Listenership

Show Summary: “Study shows that producing low-quality audio negatively affects the perception of the speaker and their source of information. As podcasters, are you confident about the quality of audio experience that you’re giving to your listeners?” 

As podcasters, one of the reasons why we publish content is to build connections with our audience. And if we have services to offer, we also want to be top of mind if they need a solution to their problems. And since YOU are the solution to their problems, we want to make sure that they think highly of you. 

Based on the study made by USC and the Australian National University, researchers found out that when content produced, in the form of audio and video, is of low quality, you will most likely be perceived as less likable and credible. And if you want to be seen as an expert on your chosen niche, that’s the last thing you would want to do. 

The same study also mentioned that aside from the negative perception, low quality production makes it difficult for your listeners to process the information and absorb your content. Inevitably, they’ll hit pause or stop altogether from listening to your episodes.

Episode 29 is the second of The Podcash Show’s mini series on how you can make listeners stick with you from beginning to end. In this special episode, learn the five do’s and don’ts that you need to do to enhance the audio quality for your listeners so they’ll finish every episode that you produce.

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Exceptional Highlights:

  • Sound like a pro by investing even in the simplest yet great quality microphone (tune in to find out the exact model that I use!). Relying on a built-in laptop microphone makes you seem unprepared. 
  • A multitrack recording simultaneously saved by both host and guest is highly recommended. This practice gives you room for adjustments during post-production.
  • I don’t suggest repurposing live videos to podcast episodes as it is not focused on your podcast audience. But if that’s your preference, make sure you consider your audio listeners during the live session.

Show Highlights:

Kai 03:12

  • Indeed, post-production helps improve your audio quality. However, podcast producers and editors are not magicians. So if you want to produce high-quality audio, you should start with the recording itself.

Kai 04:16

  • Consider and control the time and place of your recording. Inform people around you to prevent avoidable noises and distractions like an unwelcome knock on your door.

Kai 05:15

  • Have an outline with you. Even with just keywords instead of a script, that helps your train of thought focused and with ease throughout the recording. It also keeps better and succinct discussions with guests.

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